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New Plant-Based Pasta Sauces from Red Gold®! With a new and improved formula, our Nutritionally Enhanced Bolognese style sauce maintains Red Gold's standard for premium quality and will elevate the flavor of any nutritious dish.


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Did you know that Tuttorosso® is the market leader among Italian-inspired canned tomatoes in supermarkets today? Try it today!


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Red Gold® Tomato Ketchup is a brand you can trust for extraordinary quality and value. Discover numerous sauce recipe ideas with only one added ingredient!

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Plus One Sauce Recipes

Redpack® Fully Prepared Sauces provide wholesome goodness and extreme value are inside every ounce of our tomato products. Explore a variety of sauce recipes using just a single additional ingredient!

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With over 100 styles and flavors which are available in more than 20 different pack sizes, we welcome the chance to share how Red Gold lives up to our mission “To produce the freshest, best-tasting tomato products in the world".

    7.2 oz Sacramento Tomato Juice

    UPC: 72940-75068
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    #10 Plant-Based Bolognese Pasta Sauce

    UPC: 72940-11142
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    #10 Tuttorosso Fresh Fully Prepared Marinara Sauce

    UPC: 72940-75036
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    32 oz Sacramento Bloody Mary Mix

    UPC: 72940-75030
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Latest News


Where Pouch Sauces Shine In Back-Of-House Applications

September 07, 2023

When it’s crazy in the kitchen, some chefs choose sauce pouches over #10 cans in their kitchen. Red Gold understands and offers it’s go-to sauces for kitchens in both #10 cans and pouches offering the same amount and quality.

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Go With the New Gold Standard in Bloody Mary Mix

September 07, 2023

If there is ever a time of year to refine your Bloody Mary mix, it’s now. Just before holiday brunches, parties, and of course New Year’s Day. A new discovery by many in the club & resort space is the new Bloody Mary mix formula of Sacramento® Bloody Mary Mix.

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Why You Should Serve the Ketchup With A Cause

September 06, 2023

Cause marketing is one of the best tactics for your operation to build brand loyalty among customers and boost morale among employees. When it comes to the ketchup that you serve, there is no easier or better way to support one of America’s most cherished charities than Folds of Honor Ketchup by Red Gold®.

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How To Get More from Your Cocktail Sauce with Red Gold®

July 31, 2023

The versatility and universal appeal of shrimp from a restaurant’s kitchen is one reason why the number of menu mentions of the shellfish has grown in just the past year*. Red Gold’s two new package size of its cocktail sauce offer solutions for takeout and dine-in applications.

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Red Gold Is a Family Tradition: Supporting Our Troops

July 20, 2023

The origination of the company started back in 1942 as a way to help the war efforts. When the U.S. entered WWII, the government asked citizens to step up and assist the war effort by supplying food for our troops. When Grover C. Hutcherson heard this message, he and his daughter Fran purchased and rebuilt an old, abandoned cannery building in central Indiana.

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All Your Key Sauce Dunk Cup Needs. ALL From Red Gold®.

portion control

June 29, 2023

When Dunk Cups for your condiments are what you need, it makes sense to pick one supplier. Less hassle, quality ingredients, fewer leaks and greater reliability are all good reasons for choosing Red Gold. Here’s a quick guide on when Dunk Cups are useful and the line you can choose from by Red Gold, a family-owned and operated company that is the largest privately owned tomato company in the world.

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