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Red Gold® is your trusted supplier of tomato products Commodity Processing Programs available in 35+ states.

Red Gold® uses USDA Material Number 100332 Tomato Paste Totes to make nutritious tomato products.

Commodity Processing with Red Gold®
...Easy as 1-2-3-4


Step 1: How Much Do I Need?


Step 2: When Do I Order And Whom Do I Order From?

  • Ensure commercial distributor is “certified” and will stock the items requested (if using NOI or Rebate).
  • Officially “procure” tomato paste and applicable tomato products through normal approved methods.
  • Award Tomato Processing Contract to your qualifying tomato vendor.
  • Commit tomato paste pounds/quantities prior to USDA Survey deadline.


Step 3: Setting Up Your Tomato Bank Account

  • Notify Red Gold LLC of distributor who will supply products for school year (if NOI).
  • Red Gold establishes your “Tomato Bank Account” on or about July 1 of new school year.
  • All transactions visible at
  • Donated Food Value Discounts* should appear directly off the invoice from your “certified” NOI distributor.
  • “Certified” distributors to regularly upload sales data so account stays current.

Step 4: Sales Verification

  • Within the first month of shipments, check your invoices and to ensure you are getting the PTV discounts.
  • Issues identified EARLY can be fixed so that entitlement value or discounts are not lost.
  • Continue verification periodically throughout the year.
  • Products can be added or deleted as you choose and as your menus change.


Flexible Pass Through Value (PTV) Method Options*

  • Net Off Invoice (NOI)
  • Direct Ship (School District Truckload only)
  • Rebate / Ebate
  • Fee for Service (FFS) is limited; check availability

* Check with your state office for options approved for your state.

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