Chunky Taco Soup

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Beef Crumbles, 4 ¼ lb
Water, cold, 9 cup
1 #10 Can Red Gold Nutritionally Enhanced Salsa
Potatoes, Frozen Diced 1 Bag
Sugars, granulated, ½ cup
Corn, canned with juice, ½ cup
Beef Base (Meat First), 2 2/1 oz
Taco Seasoning, 1 (9 oz bag)


Mix all ingredients in large pot or kettle and simmer 30 minutes for flavors to blend.

Nutritional information based on beef crumbles (2.07 oz = 2 oz m/ma), Red Gold Salsa, McCain Frozen Diced Potatoes, Ventura (Meat First Ingredient) Beef Base, Allen Canning Corn, and Lawry’s Taco Seasoning.