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Saving Time Means Saving Money for Operators Says Red Gold®

Restaurant operators who survived COVID know the foodservice market will never be the same. It’s made operators better at business and at finding solutions that go beyond survival toward thriving again. The smartest have discovered a new equation that is saving money while not compromising flavor.

A new survey of operator challenges and their new-found solutions by Datassential boiled it all down to three nearly equal parts. Inflation, labor, and supply chain issues are top of mind in the new equation. A reliable supplier of prepared foods = lower labor costs.

Redpack® from Red Gold® offers fully prepared sauces in #10 cans, pouches, and in PC cups.
Redpack® from Red Gold® offers fully prepared sauces in #10 cans, pouches, and in PC cups.

“We saw triple digit growth in Red Gold® prepared sauces over the past 12 months and never shorted an operator for those products,” says David Halt, Senior Director of Business Development for the company. “Our sales growth of Redpack® Fully Prepared Marinara, Spaghetti and Pizza Sauces is reflective of operators discovering that our sauces are of a quality that can be heated and served without the time and labor of a scratch made sauce.”

The Datassential survey asked operators to rank the immediate and pressing challenges of the past six months. Recruiting and hiring staff and increased wages needed to hire and retain staff where nearly equal in their worries and were second only to rising food costs.

Prep, line, and short order cooks are in short supply according to Datassential.
Prep, line, and short order cooks are in short supply according to Datassential.

Prep and short-order cooks are the biggest challenge says the Datassential survey with 67% of operators saying that they are either significantly or slightly understaffed. “Operators are turning toward a new pantry as a solution to short-staffed kitchens,” says Halt. “Versatile ingredients that are shelf-stable and convenient to use and source are replacing recipe starter products as part of the answer to their lack of labor.” Survey responses back Halt’s claim.

The survey found that 43% of operators now view shelf-stable products as more appealing. Fully prepared products saw greater interest by 32% of operators. Meanwhile, there was a 17% drop in interest in fresh or scratch ingredients.

“Versatility and packaging are so important today in saving money,” Halt says. “Our fully prepared sauces can be used on everything from sandwiches to center of the plate items to dips for appetizers. Our pouch marinara and spaghetti sauces can save on storage space compared to cans. Our marinara dipping cups are perfect for takeout and delivery without the cost of filling plastic ramekins.”

Redpacks’ prepared sauce line continues to help operators save time, labor, and offers delicious, consistent flavor day-after-day. “We supported operators in the midst of the toughest times of our careers in foodservice,” Halt concludes. “We’ll continue to provide a reliable supply of delicious fully prepared sauces for our customers for years to come.”

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