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Why Tuttorosso® Is the Best-Selling Italian-Inspired Canned Tomatoes in The Land

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Did you know that Tuttorosso® is the market leader among Italian-inspired canned tomatoes in supermarkets today? Now, you can bring the well-loved brand to your menu. In Italian the name means “all red”, but that’s just a part of this story.  

Tuttorosso fully prepared sauces are made from fresh-picked Roma tomatoes that come from 40 carefully chosen Midwest family farms in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio, some of whom have been providing us with their best tomatoes for decades.


Many operators who still prefer imported tomatoes may not know that these farms are at the same latitude as Italy and the tomatoes are grown in some of the richest soil in America. That gives Tuttorosso the same color and rich flavor as imports, just grown to perfection by U.S. farm families. 

Red Gold, who owns the Tuttorosso brand, processes these tomatoes in Indiana, frequently when they are still warm from the field. The tomatoes are specially processed while removing the skin that preserves the integrity of each tomato with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Only Non-GMO Project verified ingredients are used. Even the cans we pack them in are Non-BPA lined cans to assure that the farm-fresh flavor is ready when you are.

“We’re proud of this premium brand that we’re bringing to foodservice,” says David Halt, Vice-President of Foodservice Sales at Red Gold. “Our Tuttorosso fully prepared marinara sauce is a savory sauce prepared with fresh tomatoes. They are ground and blended with tomato puree and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, onion, garlic, and spices. Our pizza sauce contains fresh tomato puree seasoned with garlic and spices. The product is thick in consistency with a bright red color, visible seeds and peel and is made with 100% fresh tomatoes.

“Tuttorosso’s premium quality tomatoes are at the heart of our two fully prepared sauce that we are bringing to market,” say Halt. “They are so good you truly can heat and serve them straight from the can. I invite every operator to try our Tuttorosso products for their menu. We’re so convinced you will love them, we will send you some samples for free.”