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So Good, It’s A True Heat & Serve Opportunity


So Good, It’s A True Heat & Serve Opportunity

Subhead: Say Hello to Tuttorosso® from Red Gold®

Despite labor shortages, supply chain hassles and consumer demand for having food hot and ready at the table or delivery, some operators still hang on to making their marinara and spaghetti sauce from scratch. For those who are ready to consider a prepared sauce that’s so good you could truly heat it up and serve, consider Tuttorosso® Fresh Pack Marinara , Pizza Sauce and new Spaghetti Sauce have just been announced by Red Gold.

“Tuttorosso’s canned line of Italian-inspired fresh pack tomatoes is the top-selling consumer brand in America,” explains David Halt, Red Gold’s Vice-President of Foodservice. “We have a wonderful line of fresh pack tomatoes for an operator, but I want to share just how good our fresh pack prepared sauces really are.”

“Family farmers grow our fresh pack tomatoes on the same longitude and similar soil that you will find in Italy,” Halt explains. “Farmer grow our Roma tomatoes to our exact specifications. At harvest time, they arrive within hours of picking and our process grades and washes them multiple times before they are used for our marinara and spaghetti sauces. Freshly ground and mixed with tomato puree, we use a traditional formula with the right amount of extra virgin olive oil, caramelized onion, garlic, basil, and an Italian-style blend of spices. It's a recipe for success without the time, labor, and inconsistency of scratch made sauces.”

Tuttorosso sauces use only Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients and a special can liner to preserve freshness to add an authentic flavor that consumers will swear was made from scratch.

“The new reality for many in foodservice is to leverage the time and labor-saving opportunities that a prepared sauce can offer in today’s environment,” Halt concludes. “For an operator who wants to serve one or two Italian items on their menu and doesn’t want to invest in creating a marinara or pizza sauce from scratch to an authentic Italian or pizza operator, you can’t beat the authentic flavor of our Tuttorosso line. We’re so convinced that you will love our sauces, we’ll ship you a sample so that you can taste for yourself.”