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Buzzworthy Bloody Marys Made Profitable & Easy

Bold luxury without the hassle

Craft cocktails delivered to customer’s homes helped smart operators weather pandemic shutdowns. Bars have reopened and very few cocktails are more important to more dayparts than the Bloody Mary.

From breakfast and brunch to dinner, the Bloody Mary is one cocktail that lends itself well to customization and experimentation. Operators can easily create signature takes on this classic cocktail by incorporating specialty condiments and toppings with a base of a spirit (typically vodka or tequila) and quality tomato juice – but don’t let that burden you. Go crazy.

Buzzworthy Bloody Marys are a great way to extend profitability and drive traffic via social media. The average price of a Bloody Mary, according to Technomic’s MenuMonitor, is about $10, but by adding some imagination to your Bloody Mary, you can almost double the ticket.

Start with an exceptional base for flavor. Sacramento® Tomato Juice is the gold standard. Counted on by top steak house and fine dining restaurants, it’s available in 46 oz. plastic jugs and cans, and single serve 5.5 oz. cans.

Or try Sacramento’s new 32 oz. Bloody Mary Mix for bold flavor without the hassle. Tested and perfected by top bartenders and mixologists nationwide, it’s ready to be the new gold standard in Bloody Mary mixes.

Once you make the switch to Sacramento, you can spend your time in discovery toward mixing up the profitability of your next buzzworthy bloody. Try focusing on a couple of areas:

1. Over-The-Top Garnishes

Nashville’s Party Fowl
At Nashville’s Party Fowl, you can order a bloody topped with two fried chickens or a 55 oz. bloody for two for $50.

Just look at your appetizer menus for ideas for garnishing your glorious Bloody Mary. From cheeseburger sliders and chicken wings to exotic twists like a bacon-wrapped jalapeno cheese ball. The bigger the stack of crazy goodness the better!

2. Try An International Twist

Signature chile and fiery sauce
Mr. Chow’s restaurants feature its signature chile and fiery sauce.

Celebrate a Cinco de Mayo with a Mexican-inspired Bloody Mary cocktail by using a tequila. Or take the lead from Mr. Chow, an upscale Beijing restaurant chain with locations in Las Vegas, Miami, and New York. They feature the restaurant’s own fiery sauce and signature chili. The recipe includes tomato juice, ginger juice, pomegranate juice and olive juice. The topping is a foam made from soy milk, garlic powder and other “secret” ingredients.

Power up your creative juices with profit-packed buzzworthy Bloody Marys ahead of the holidays. Don’t forget to sample Sacramento’s new Bloody Mary Mix before you start by requesting your free sample now.