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How We Crafted The Best Bloody Mary Mix. Ever.


The headline is as bold as the flavor of our new Sacramento® Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix, but it’s true!

“Our product development team was meticulous when developing this new top quality product for the foodservice industry,” says Becca Yeagy, Sr. Marketing Manager at Red Gold. “We started with our chef trusted Sacramento Tomato juice and formulated with premium quality cane sugar, horseradish, Worcestershire and jalapeno puree for a robust fully flavored cocktail mix.”

Red Gold worked with 10 of the nation’s top restaurant Beverage Directors and National Bar Operations Managers to create a mix that offered superior flavor, texture, color, heat, quality, and preference versus the leading mix brand. Historically, Red Gold has sold Sacramento® Bloody Mary mix in a 46oz can. This product development is a brand new formula, in the preferred packaging by bartenders nationwide; the 32oz glass bottle packaging.

“Our first round of testing by the judging panel pointed out opportunities to tweak our first round of the new formula, so we went back to our R&D team with the panel’s input.” says Yeagy. “When results came back from our second round by the panel, we knew that we had hit the mark!

Bloody Mary Scorecard
A scorecard of a panelist judgement of the new Sacramento® Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix versus a leading national brand.

Even through the pandemic, Bloody Mary’s were a mainstay for restaurants. Operators discovered that they could package Bloody Mary’s for take-out or delivery with success. Now that customers are returning to restaurants in the heat of the summer, they are in search of the perfect Bloody Mary. For operators, Bloody Mary’s are a high margin drink that offers ways to increase profit by crafting signature skewers of condiments and appetizers.

For First Watch, their signature “Million Dollar Bacon Bloody Mary” is a good example. Red Lobster’s “Lobster Claw Bloody Mary” with a jumbo shrimp and their cheese biscuit on skewers is a another great example.

Lobster Claw Bloody MaryMillion Dollar Bloody Mary

According to Datassential, Bloody Mary’s on menus are up 8% in the past four years and 33% in the last ten years. But the story gets even better when operators leverage their beverages with Bloody Maria’s (tequila instead of vodka), up 14% in a year and 315% since 2016. Mexican Micheladas are also up 11% in the last year and 57% since 2016.

“Operators need a mix that can perform each and every time their customers order a Bloody Mary. With staffing uncertainties, operators can save on labor, while getting a perfectly consistent cocktail with each pour.” Yeagy explains. “Our premium formula is complemented by upscale packaging and vintage label design perfect for display to remind your customers to order a Bloody Mary or Bloody Maria from your bar.”

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